I have a masters degree in Film Studies from the University of Dundee, and an undergraduate degree in Philosophy from The University of Edinburgh. This pompous preamble tells you two important things: I love movies to the point of ruining them through over-analysis; and I am adept at crafting  elegant if spurious arguments in support of my own biases. Really, this site is just a place to ramble about films. Good ones, bad ones, weird ones, and the ones only a mother or an obsessive could love.

In the interests of total transparency:

  1. I want every movie to be good, and I try to find something good in every one. Try being the key word.
  2. I sincerely think that Zardoz is an under-rated masterpiece; a disaster, but a beautiful disaster.
  3. The best film I have ever seen (2001: A Space Odyssey) is not my favourite film (as of right now, Clerks, but subject to change frequently). This distinction is vital and non-negotiable.
  4. There is at least one film that I am not allowed to talk about for legal reasons. I.e. If I do, my friends will murder me and be forced to defend their actions as justifiable homicide in a court of law.

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